Egg Donation

For some patients, some extra help may be necessary to create a family.  In these instances, patients may consider the use of donor eggs.  Donor eggs can allow a couple struggling with infertility to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term.  Candidates for treatment with donor eggs include those suffering from premature ovarian failure (menopause prior to age 40), women with a low ovarian reserve, women who are concerned about passing on a genetic disorder to their children, and patients who have undergone previous IVF treatments without success, as well as gay male couples seeking to create a family.

At CARE for the Bay Area, we are committed to making this sensitive process a smooth and easy one for our patients.  Intended parents may choose to select a known donor such as a family member or friend, or choose to work with a third party egg donor program that can help you select an anonymous egg donor.  We work with several independent donor agencies and egg banks that are committed to providing our patients with the same high-quality care that you can expect to get at our office.  Your physician can help you determine if use of donor eggs is an appropriate course of treatment for you.